Nearly a million new FIRST Gold customers are happier than ever, you can be one too for just RM80 a month


Did you know that nearly a million new customers have already subscribed to Celcom's FIRST Gold plan? Just introduced early this year, FIRST Gold by Celcom offers you more than just lots of Internet to stay connected and happy at all times with amazing features. Let's have a recap of what the happier Internet plan features now!

  1. You get a great value of 10GB Internet data for just RM80! (5GB Monthly Internet + 5GB Weekend Internet)
  2. Not only that, you are allowed to carry forward up to 2.5GB of your unused Monthly Internet! No more reason to worry about not using all your Internet anymore.
  3. Unlimited Yonder Music for 24/7!
  4. Free and Unlimited usage of WhatsApp and Wechat, double win!
  5. Unlimited calls to all networks (yes, ALL of them) for absolutely free. Triple kill!

FIRST Gold 2.1.PNG_2.png

Plus being on Celcom Ultrafast 4G territory, it's no wonder that a million customers are happy. When Malaysia is happy, Celcom keeps everyone happier like adding 1GB of Internet for free when Malaysia won medals in the recent Rio 2016 Olympics. Don't you want to be happy like them?


To find out more, just visit your nearest Blue Cube or Celcom Xclusive today and feel free to ask their staff for more information or go to Alternatively, you can also check out our other Celcom plans as well.

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