OnePlus could be working on smart tag called OnePlus Tag


When it comes to smartphone brands, Apple stands at the forefront as a trendsetter. As such, it wasn't surprising to see other brands following suit whenever there's a new type of Apple product. For this year, that product would be smart tags and OnePlus has one up its sleeve.

We've already seen Samsung launch its Galaxy SmartTag back in January, followed by a leak showing off OPPO's version. Now, Droidmaze has spotted a trademark for "OnePlusTag", which was registered last month. Based on the name, we can assume that this trademark is for a new smart tag that we fully expect to be named as OnePlus Tag. Nice and simple.


Aside from the possible smart tag, we also see "OnePlus Pay" and "OnePlus TV" registered. The second is obviously referring to a new model to the OnePlus Android TV series, which was first launched in July 2020. As for OnePlus Pay, it's a mobile payment and digital wallet service similar to Samsung Pay.

Of course, a trademark registration doesn't mean that OnePlus is ready to launch its smart tag yet. But this shows that the product is real, so you can keep that in mind if you're a OnePlus user. We'll keep an eye out for updates on this, but for now, stay tuned to TechNave for other tech news.