ProCam 2 app unlocks Apple iPhone's hidden 4K video shooting capability

ProCam 2.jpg

In a recent report, it was proved that the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have the ability to record videos in ultra-high definition 4K pixel resolution. Now, there's an app which claims to unlock this hidden feature inside the Apple's latest devices. The Cupertino giant decided to disable this feature in the new iPhones saying that it was not market ready and 4K videos do take up a lot of storage space and put undue strain on the phone's processor. Causing overheating and taking up space on a device that doesn't have expandable memory. For those who don't mind these little issues, ProCam 2 can be a great app to unlock this 4K video recording capability. The app, now available on the iTunes store, brings 4K recording to both new iPhone models. The video shown below is captured in 4K resolution at 30fps using the app. The user pans it very slowly to avoid any hiccups caused due to the low frame rate in such a high resolution video. One thing to note here is that the app does not essentially capture the video in true 4K resolution (3840 x 2160), instead it captures it in 3264 x 1836 resolution and upscales to 4K. The ProCam 2 can be bought from the Apple store for $1.99 (RM7), but to unlock 4K, you need to make an additional in-app purchase worth $4.99 (RM17.5).   


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