Reliable analyst said that the Samsung Galaxy S21 series won't feature under-display camera

Samsung Galaxy S21 cover EDITED.png

Cover image source: Gadgets Now

The under-display camera might be one of the latest technology that many can't wait to see on upcoming smartphones. With the technology, the era of notches will be ended as manufacturers can finally achieve real full-view display. However, for those who are wishing for the Samsung Galaxy S21 series to come with it, we have some sad news.

According to a reliable display analyst Ross Young, the entire Samsung Galaxy S21 lineup will not be featuring an under-display camera. The news came as the analyst straight out said that the technology won't be included when a Twitter user asked about it. For now, the reason behind it is unknown but the analyst has been quite accurate when it comes to this kind of news.

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The under-display camera technology has been making improvements with Visionox mass-producing the screen for it and companies like OPPO and Xiaomi demonstrating their products with it. However, it looks like Samsung is not ready to integrate it with their upcoming products yet.

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