Rumours: Apple iPhone 6 coming with 8MP rear camera and f/2.0 aperture

New Apple iPhone 6 camera.jpg

A fairly realistic rumour has cropped up about the Apple iPhone 6, which should be announced in a couple more months which say that Apple will probably keep the 8MP rear camera it already has but change the sensor aperture to f/2.0. Previously the camera sensor on the Apple iPhone 5S was set at f/2.2 while the Apple iPhone 5 had an f/2.4 aperture. The change for the Apple iPhone 5S resulted in more light coming in to the sensor and improving low light shots. A change to f/2.0 aperture would mean even better low-light performance. Other rumours indicate that the camera would have a 6p sapphire lens with the CMOS sensor expected to be manufactured by Sony. This rumour certainly sounds like something Apple would do, despite so many users asking for a 13MP rear camera upgrade. However, since it is a rumour still, do remember to take it with a good grain of salt, as a rumour is still a rumour until proven.


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