Rumours: Huawei staff hinting Leica camera technology on Huawei P9?


Remember that at the end of February, Huawei and Leica announced their strategic long-term partnership to reinvent smartphone photography? Well, it seems that the Leica camera technology is coming sooner than expected because some Huawei executives have started teasing us that the upcoming Huawei P9 will come together with Leica camera setup. 


Three Huawei executives did the same post in Weibo saying “Later, 9 Lai” (translated), this doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out that the 'Lai' is referenced to Leica. And this makes perfect sense from their upcoming event in London, along with the #OO and tagline 'Change The Way You See The World' that represents a dual rear camera lens. 

Is Huawei going to change the way how we take pictures with our smartphones? Time will only tell, and it's exciting to think Leica's camera technology can do in a Huawei device. Stay tuned for more news as we wait for next month for the reveal!

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