Rumours: Next Apple iPhone coming 10 September 2013?

Apple iPhone 5S coming soon.jpg

According to insider information, the next Apple iPhone, which should be the Apple iPhone 5S, is coming soon on 10 September 2013. This fits with previous release dates which also happened around this time period and while the rumour circulating is about the iPhone 5S release, it will also mark the final release of other related devices and products like perhaps iOS 7 (which is already in beta 5) and the supposedly low-cost Apple iPhone 5C. While these are the more definite announcements that are likely to happen on that date, bear in mind that the Apple iPad 5 could also make an appearance as backplate housing for the tablet has surfaced. The Apple iPad mini with Retina Display on the other hand is still slated for around 2014 though.

For those unused to the usual Apple device release cycle this upcoming iPhone release means several things which include:

  • a drop in price for previous Apple product versions like Apple iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 (all of which are still pretty good smartphones) so if you just want to get one of these smartphones just wait a while longer for about the right time to buy them
  • it also means that if you're looking to sell your Apple iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, this is about the right time to sell it before the aforementioned price drop

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