Samsung Galaxy A50 scores a decent 83 point camera score on DxOMark


Despite the mid-range tag on the Samsung Galaxy A50, it managed to beat out a few of the older flagships out on the market in terms of camera. The device’s triple camera setup managed to score a decent 83 points on DxOMark

The score puts it on par with the LG G7 ThinQ and a little behind the Apple iPhone 7 by one or two points. In terms of photo, the smartphone managed to score 85 points. However, it didn’t do so well in terms of video with only 79 points. According to DxOMark, the A50 has some great colour reproduction, a huge dynamic range, decent exposure and great white balance. However, the device lacked in fine detailing, low light focus speeds as well as accuracy. Also, the photos come with some green and pink colour casts. 

PrtScr capture_2.png

Video recording didn’t do so well due to the fact that the autofocus is inconsistent. In addition, videos seemed to lack detail. On the plus side, like the photos, colour reproduction and noise reduction on the video is pretty great. Like the Samsung Galaxy S10, the stabilization on the videos are impressive. 

The Samsung Galaxy A50 is priced at RM1199 here in Malaysia. With these scores, would you consider the device worth it? You can read more about the DxOMark scoring on their website and our full review of the device here. Keep up with the latest Samsung news and updates on the TechNave app on both iOS and Android!


An outdoor shot with the Samsung Galaxy A50

A sample video with the A50

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