Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Plans Comparison in Malaysia

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE has finally been offered by 4 of the major telcos in Malaysia. Retailing at an RRP of RM2399, each of these telcos in Malaysia is offering the LTE-enabled 32GB version. It is also available at lower prices in our sister site of Mobile Mega with discounts up to RM300. Of the 4 major telcos the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch is offered for free as a combo with DiGi, Celcom and Maxis while U Mobile has the smartwatch available for separate purchase at it's Berjaya Times Square branch. If you haven't tried it out yet, do check out our Samsung Galaxy Note 3 plan comparison tool for a more comprehensive listing of all the available plans for the phablet. In any case, you can see all the tables below, containing the details of each plan. 

The first plan bundles came from DiGi:

DiGi Samsung Galaxy Note 3 DG SmartPlan 58 DG SmartPlan 88 DG SmartPlan 148
Monthly RM58 RM88 RM148
Data (Quota) 2GB 4GB 6GB
Call rates 15 sen/minute 10 sen/minute
SMS rates 10 sen/SMS
Free calls 200 minutes on network 300 minutes 600 minutes
Free SMS 200 SMS on network 300 SMS 600 SMS
24 months contract RM1879 RM1639 RM1319
Total Cost RM3271 RM3751 RM4871

Celcom came next and offers 12 month and 18 month contract periods as well:

Celcom Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Celcom First Prime Celcom First Premier Celcom First Elite mPro Plus
Monthly RM78 RM98 RM128 RM118 RM138 RM168 RM188 RM208 RM238 RM88
Data (Quota) 1.05GB 3.05GB 5.05GB 1.1GB 3.1GB 5.1GB 1.2GB 3.2GB 5.2GB 5GB
Call rates 15 sen / minute 12 sen / minute 10 sen / minute 15 sen / minute
SMS rates 15 sen / SMS 12 sen / SMS 10 sen / SMS 15 sen / SMS
12 Months contract RM2088 N/A RM1988 N/A RM1888 N/A N/A
18 Months contract RM1988 N/A RM1888 N/A RM1748 N/A N/A
24 Months contract N/A N/A RM1538 N/A N/A RM1538 N/A N/A RM1538 RM1538
Total Cost 12 Months RM3024 RM3264 N/A RM3404 RM3644 N/A RM4144 RM4384 N/A N/A
Total Cost 18 Months RM3392 RM3752 N/A RM4012 RM4372 N/A RM5132 RM5492 N/A N/A
Total Cost 24 Months N/A N/A RM4610 N/A N/A RM5570 N/A N/A RM7250 RM3700

U Mobile has the lowest device price at just RM999 but it is only for loyal U Mobile customers:

U Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Ultimate Device 68 Ultimate Device 98 Ultimate Device 158 Ultimate Device 158 (loyal customers)
Monthly RM68 RM98 RM158 RM158
Data (Quota) 3GB 4GB 5GB 5GB
Call rates

18 sen / minute on network

20 sen / minute off network

18 sen / minute to all networks
SMS rates

5 sen / SMS on network

12 sen / SMS off network

Free calls 60 minutes 100 minutes 200 minutes 200 minutes
24 Months contract RM1859 RM1609 RM1169 RM999
Total Cost RM3491 RM3961 RM4961 RM4791

Maxis is the last but not least with just as competitive plan prices:

Maxis Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SurfMore75 TalkMore78
Monthly RM75 RM126 RM146
Data (Quota) 5GB 1GB 3GB
Call rates 12 sen / minute on network | 20 sen / minute off network 8 sen / minute on network | 15 sen / minute off network
SMS rates 12 sen / SMS on network | 20 sen / SMS off network 8 sen / SMS on network | 15 sen / SMS off network
Free calls N/A 600 minutes
Free SMS N/A 500 SMS
24 months contract RM1599 RM1399 RM1199
Total Cost RM3399 RM4423 RM4703

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