Samsung Malaysia Electronics officially launches Galaxy Studio at Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur

Photo 26-10-2017, 3 22 52 PM.jpg

Today, Samsung Malaysia Electronics opened its first ever launch of the Galaxy Studio in Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur just around the corner of Lot 10. In the Galaxy Studio, the public will get the chance of experiencing a wide variety of Samsung products, ranging from the Galaxy Note 8, Gear VR to the new Gear 360. However, the Galaxy Studio will only be opened to the public for three months.

To quote from Mr KM Liew, the Head of I.T. and Mobile Business, Samsung Malaysia Electronics, he stated:

"We are thrilled to celebrate the official launch of Malaysia's first Galaxy Studio in Kuala Lumpur because we believe that such excitement and fun should be shared with all Samsung fans here. This is a good opportunity for those who are not familiar with Samsung products to get up-close and personal with our innovative devices and discover how we have designed them to dit their lives perfectly, be it for work or for leisure."

Mr KM Liew later continued that everyone should visit and check out the Galaxy Studio, as the place will only be around for three months. Check out the pictures below on how the studio looks like!

Photo 26-10-2017, 2 36 06 PM.jpg

Galaxy Studio is easy to spot, you can't miss it!

Photo 26-10-2017, 3 59 08 PM.jpg

Here's the address just in case if you need it lol

Photo 26-10-2017, 2 48 45 PM.jpg

Popular local celebrities, Jenn and Jin were today's hosts for the launch

Photo 26-10-2017, 2 54 57 PM.jpg

Very nice display there

Photo 26-10-2017, 3 01 22 PM.jpg

You can even project your own artwork at the studio

Photo 26-10-2017, 3 05 38 PM.jpg

Checking out the Samsung DeX

Photo 26-10-2017, 3 12 21 PM.jpg

The media journalists having fun

Photo 26-10-2017, 3 17 14 PM.jpg

Trying out the Gear 360 smartband by cycling

Photo 26-10-2017, 3 31 26 PM.jpg

Free Gear VR demo!

Photo 26-10-2017, 3 24 48 PM.jpg

Everything you need to find, it's all here

Photo 26-10-2017, 3 25 36 PM.jpg

The place may look small but surprisingly spacious inside

Photo 26-10-2017, 3 29 28 PM.jpg

Thank you for coming!

That's all from Samsung Malaysia Electronics today, stay tuned for more Samsung news at 

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