Someone went fishing for Apple iPhone 12 Pro with a magnetic fishing rod

MagSafe fishing cover EDITED.jpg

Photo courtesy of PhoneArena

It looks like the Apple iPhone 12's MagSafe has multiple usages. Not only allows charging, but users can also utilize the magnet to retrieve their iPhone 12 if it falls into somewhere hard to reach. The "extra feature" is discovered by an app developer Frederick Riedel after his friend's iPhone fell into a muddy canal bottom.

According to the story told by Riedel on his Twitter account, he and his friend built a magnetic fishing rod and used it to locate an iPhone 12 Pro through 3 feet deep water. Luckily, the magnet that is used for MagSafe is strong enough to let the guys recover the iPhone under such circumstances. Therefore, if you accidentally drop your iPhone 12 in the future, don't panic and build a magnetic fishing rod (haha)!

MagSafe fishing 1.jpg

This is not the first time we hear about such stories on rescuing the iPhones. Earlier, it was reported that a woman successfully got her functional iPhone 11 Pro back after it has been submerged in a lake for 30 days, thanks to the IP68 rating.

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