The Samsung Galaxy Fold can fold over 200000 times!

PrtScr capture.png

If you’ve doubted the Samsung Galaxy Fold’s folding abilities, this video should probably clear any doubts you had before. Samsung uploaded a video on Youtube, showing off the folding capability of the device in a stress test.

The video shows a number of Galaxy Fold devices being folded over and over by a machine. According to the Korean manufacturer, the Fold managed to fold and unfold around 200000 times in 7 days which is basically the number of times the device would be folded in 5 years if the owner uses the device, say, 100 times a day.

From what we can see, the device would only turn on only when it is completely unfolded so we can basically say goodbye to any hopes of using it like a laptop. Also, it didn’t seem like there were any creases in the middle of the screen so could it be that Samsung has figured that out? We’ll have to wait and see when it releases on the 26th of April. So far, Samsung has mentioned that if you do decide to pick a Galaxy Fold for yourself, you’d be getting the premium concierge-like experience. So, would you get one? For the latest updates on the Samsung Galaxy Fold, make sure follow!

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