The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip pre-order is coming back for a 2nd round on 30 April


Last night, we posted that Samsung Malaysia was going to make a surprise announcement about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. What could it be? A discount? A new memory variant? Gold edition? Well, turns out that it is just going to be another pre-order sale (again) for this premium flagship which will start on 30 April 2020.

According to Samsung Malaysia, the Galaxy Z Flip pre-order will still have the same RM5888 price tag as before. Upon venturing into the official Samsung e-store, it seems to suggest that the Mirror Gold edition is finally added as it was not available in the previous pre-order (correct me if I'm wrong). On top of that, there are no freebie bundles to be promoted at the pre-order page or maybe it's just not ready yet since we are 2 days away from the launch. 


Moreover, if the price tag is too steep for you, you can opt for a monthly instalment payment from RM245.33 with 0% interest. Also, only the 256GB memory variant is available for now and it will probably be the same one on 30 April. So much for a "surprise" announcement. Wait a minute...does this mean some people actually want it since the pre-order is coming back?

Anyway, we have written 2 articles about the Galaxy Z Flip. You can learn more about the phone by visiting either one of the links below. The pre-order page can be viewed here, stay tuned for more Samsung news at 

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