Touch 'n Go eWallet will implement a 1% overseas transaction conversion fee soon

In a quiet update over the weekend, Touch 'n Go eWallet added a new policy for overseas transactions. On the support page right here, there will be a 1% overseas transaction conversion fee in the daily exchange rate of your travel destination. It will begin from 25 April 2024 onwards.

To add on, the sum that you’re paying from the effective date is inclusive of this charge. So yes, it will be slightly more expensive to pay for things overseas. It was also just recently that the company just added a 1% fee to those who top up via credit cards. Before that, the 1% fee was only for above RM1000 per month for all credit card reloads.

However, there is an alternative to using cashless payment overseas. In case you didn't know, Malaysia is making DuitNow QR pay more accessible. One of the latest examples is using PayNet's DuitNow QR to pay for items in Southeast Asian countries and Japan. Currently, Malaysians can already use DuitNow QR in Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia.