WWDC 2024 - New Math Notes calculator, Smart Script Apple Pencil & more on iPadOS 18

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Like iOS 18, iPadOS 18 will also feature new Apple Intelligence features and redesigned apps for iPads and even Apple Pencil. If you want to read about Apple Intelligence, you can check out our news coverage here but to read iPadOS 18, continue below.


Math Notes

For starters, iPadOS 18 will have an all-new Math Notes calculator. This will allow users to type or write out mathematical equations and see them instantly solved in their own handwriting. They can also assign values to variables when learning new concepts in class, calculating a budget, and more. Users can write or type an equation and insert a graph with just a tap, and can even add multiple equations on the same graph to see how they relate.

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The new Math Notes are automatically accessible in the Notes app in the new Math Notes folder. Additionally, history helps users keep track of previous calculations, and unit conversions let users quickly convert length, weight, currencies, and more.


Smart Script

As for Apple Pencil, Apple integrated Smart Script that can make handwritten notes fluid, flexible, and easier to read. For example, Smart Script allows users to write quickly without sacrificing legibility by smoothing and straightening handwritten text in real-time. Users can also easily add space, scratch out a sentence, or even paste typed text in their own handwriting, and the paragraph will automatically reflow to fit the new content.

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Just as how iPhone users can customise their Home Screen, Lock Screen and Control Centre, so can iPad users as well. App icons and widgets can be placed in any open position on the Home Screen, as well as giving the apps new colour effects. On top of that, all app icons and widgets can appear even larger, and removing the name underneath. The Control Centre has been redesigned too and users can add controls from supported third-party apps.

Other than that, the Tab Bar on the iPad has been revamped to help users stay more focused. The Photo App is redesigned as well with the same functionalities as the iPhone. Also, iPad users can express more with new text formatting tools like bold, underline, italics, animated text effects and redesigned Tapbacks.


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All in all, most new features are the same from iOS 18. If you want to read more about iOS 18, you can check out our news coverage right over here.