Warner Bros is letting AI decide what movies it's going to produce

 Warner Bros cover EDITED.png

These days, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is doing a lot of work. From excelling in video games to detecting cancers, there is almost nothing the technology can’t do. Now, Warner Bros. Pictures has decided to let AI choose what movies we get to watch as well. The film production company is working with an AI company named Cinelytic to predict what films it’s going to make.

The AI will help Warner Bros on making decisions to produce films that would be treated as a blockbuster material. Trained on previous movie data, the system will also be able to predict a movie's revenue, measure the value of stars and determine when a title should premiere.

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Of course, the AI is not here to make the final decision, as it would only be assisting in the process. With movies like Batman V Superman and Justice League, Warner Bros. definitely learned a lesson from the box office disaster. We wish this AI system can help the film company to improve and bring more blockbuster movies for our viewing pleasure.

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