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  • Final Apple iOS 7 due on 18 September 2013

    Final Apple iOS 7 due on 18 September 2013

    Apple's iOS 7 operating system has been undergoing beta testing for quite some time now. As the Apple OS which will bring multi-tasking and a whole bunch of other updates to Apple users, it is no wonder that many are waiting for it to arrive. In light of that, Apple have announced that the final version of iOS 7 will be released on 18 September 2013. Apart from the aforementioned multi-tasking you can also get other features like new ringtones, different voices for Siri and the fact that it has been optimized for a 64-bit architecture. In addition to this, the entire iWork suite of productivity apps is now free for new Apple devices, which is the equivalent of Microsoft adding on a free Office for every Windows 8 tablet. Apart from the new iPhones, the iOS 7 update will also be made available to the iPhone 4S, iPad miniiPad 3iPad 4 and 5th gen iPod Touch. For more information check out the Apple iOS site.

  • Exabytes launch EBiz Power Hosting plan for Mobile SME Users

    Exabytes launch EBiz Power Hosting plan for Mobile SME Users

    Exabytes Network Sdn Bhd has recently launched the EBiz Power Hosting plan targeting SME Users looking to take advantage of the growing boom in mobile and smartphone customers. The new EBiz Power Hosting plan is designed for businesses looking to create robust eCommerce capable online solutions that are secure, easy to manage and affordably priced. It allows users to set up a mobile-ready business domain, run eCommerce using the built-in tools and provide comprehensive IT security of their main Internet site in one shot. Tools and features available to EBiz Power Hosting plan users include:

    • GoMobi - for easy Online Website set-up, management and development
    • SiteLock - for comprehensive Web security protection measures
    • cPanel - for intuitive control panel GUI management dashboard and management interface
    • OpenXchange - groupware tool enabling scheduling, tasks, contacts and email management for companies with teams of multiple users
    • Attracta SEO - automatic Search Engine Optimization tool for making placing number 1 in major search engines minus the hassle
    • SiteBuilder - for manual customization of your online site, portal or solution with this extensive online DIY web design application 
  • Stream to your HDTV with Chromecast using anything, just $35

    Stream to your HDTV with Chromecast using anything, just $35

    Previously you could only view things on your HDTV from other devices like your computer if it had WiFi and was DLNA compatible. This also meant you had to have a DLNA compatible server, NAS or device to stream from and you'd still have to use the HDTV's remote control and interface to navigate all the media you'd like shown on your big screen. Now, Google have released Chromecast, a rooted Android-based HDMI dongle that plugs into your HDTV and lets you stream media from practically any device that can connect to the Internet.

  • Muslim Pro App Keeps you in Touch with Faith

    Muslim Pro App Keeps you in Touch with Faith

    Combining everything you could need as a Muslim, Muslim Pro is an Android and iOS app designed to keep you in touch with Islam and your faith through your smartphone. With more than 5 million downloads in various Muslim countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, United Emirates, Turkey and Morocco the app offers many features in one app. These features include:

    • Accurate prayer times based on user location
    • Worldwide Qibla directions
    • Foursquare integration to find Halal restaurants or Mosques
    • Built-in Full Audio Quran with translations
    • Islamic Hijiri calendar
    • and many more...
  • iOS 7 Beta Released, Supports iPad

    iOS 7 Beta Released, Supports iPad

    As promised when it was announced recently, the Apple iOS 7 beta 2 is now available to download for developers. Aside from the features announced previously, the new beta enables support for the Apple iPad and iPad mini along with Siri's decidedly better voices and other enhancements. Apart from this not much more has changed except for perhaps a combined iTunes and App Store settings menu, working Voicemail and better UI enhancements. The full version is expected to be released along with the next generation of iOS devices (Apple iPhone 5S, iPad 5, etc.) which may be due in Q3 of 2013.

  • Xbox and PC Games Coming to Android and iOS

    Xbox and PC Games Coming to Android and iOS

    Smartphone game maker Klab, Inc has made a deal with Microsoft that may soon allow us to play Xbox and Windows PC games (under the Microsoft banner) to be ported over to iOS and Android devices. According to rumours, these games may soon be available for iOS and Android later in 2013. So far the first game scheduled to come from this deal is rumoured to be "Age of Empires" and it is expected to be free to play (or perhaps just the first few levels).

    While Windows Phone does have access to Xbox games in general, the selection of titles for the Windows Phone platform is relatviely limited. If this deal does go through well, and there are a whole bunch of things which can go wrong (too difficult to port over, bad port, too much like an emulator etc.) then we can expect even more games from other platforms or brands perhaps making their way to iOS and Android devices in the not so far future. Stay tuned, we'll keep you posted.

  • Android, iOS and Windows Phone Agent Smartwatch Coming Soon!

    Android, iOS and Windows Phone Agent Smartwatch Coming Soon!

    While every other major tech manufacturer (Sony, Google, Microsoft, Intel) seem to be gearing up for their own versions of smartwatches, the Pebble smartwatch alone has led the way in terms of functionality and design. Following in their crowd-funded footsteps is the Agent smartwatch, created in collaboration between Secret Labs and The House of Horology which provides a host of features that sound simply awesome. These features include:

    • 120MHz ARM Cortex-M4 processor with secondary AVR co-processor
    • 1.28-inch Memory Display (128 x 128) with intelligent backlighting
    • Anti-glare glass lens
    • Bluetooth 4.0 BD/EDR + LE
    • 3-axis accelerometer
    • Ambient light sensor
    • Vibration motor
    • 7 days battery life (typical) / 30 days in watchface-only mode
    • Qi wireless charging
    • Water resistant (ATMs: TBD)
    • Easy SDK development (AGENT OS 1.0 including .NET Micro Framework 4.3)
    • RoHS, Pb-free
    • Designed for repair and recycling including replaceable battery
    • Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone
    • six colours (orange, black, green, red, blue and white)
  • Apple Launches iOS 7 : Many "New" Features

    Apple Launches iOS 7 : Many "New" Features

    Apple has always been more about their optimized software or operating system than other smartphone or device makers, so it comes as no surprise that the main reveal of WWDC 2013 was iOS 7. Coming with many new features, the new operating system will be available in Q3 (probably around August), for Apple iPhone 5 users. Developers and those with access can download the beta through the developer portal.

  • Rumours: iOS 7 Going for Flatter Black and White User Interface?

    Rumours: iOS 7 Going for Flatter Black and White User Interface?

    Rumours about what Apple is going to do extend even to their upcoming iOS 7 operating system, with many wondering what Apple have up their sleeves this time. With the impending Worldwide Developer Conference this 10 June 2013, we may not have to wait that long, but rumours about iOS 7, the next big version of Apple's mobile operating system are practically buzzing. While quite a few rumours indicate that iOS7 is going for a flatter look, a new bit of information is that the user interface or UI may be going for more black and white elements.

  • Transcend Wi-Fi Memory Card

    Transcend Reveal New Wi-Fi Memory Card:

    Transcend has released a new Wi-Fi SD memory card that allows for wireless transfer of images from your SDHC-compatible digital camera. Trancend's memory card works in either a direct share mode to a mobile device or in Internet mode using a free app for iOS or Android devices.