Apple iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 pricing confirmed from RM1599 and RM1279

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The much awaited Apple iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3 are finally listed on the official Apple Malaysia store today with their retail prices. However, the company has not yet started shipping both the devices with no idea yet as to the exact Malaysia release dates. For both the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3, you can choose between three colors namely silver, gold and space grey followed by three different storage variants, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Finally, there are two connectivity variants like the previous generations namely Wi-Fi only and a Wi-Fi + Cellular version. Prices differ according to each storage variant and connectivity version that you choose for the device. The exact prices for both the models are as given below:

Apple iPad Air 2

  • Apple iPad Air 2 (WiFi, 16GB) ~ RM1599
  • Apple iPad Air 2 (WiFi, 64GB) ~ RM1929
  • Apple iPad Air 2 (WiFi, 128GB) ~ RM2249
  • Apple iPad Air 2 (WiFi + Cellular, 16GB) ~ RM2029
  • Apple iPad Air 2 (WiFi + Cellular, 64GB) ~ RM2349
  • Apple iPad Air 2 (WiFi + Cellular, 128GB) ~ RM2679

Apple iPad Air 1.jpg

One of the thinnest tablets in the world, the Apple iPad Air 2 tablet is super light

Apple iPad Mini 3

  • Apple iPad mini 3 (WiFi, 16GB) ~ RM1279
  • Apple iPad mini 3 (WiFi, 64GB) ~ RM1599
  • Apple iPad mini 3 (WiFi, 128GB) ~ RM1929
  • Apple iPad mini 3 (WiFi + Cellular, 16GB) ~ RM1699
  • Apple iPad mini 3 (WiFi + Cellular, 64GB) ~ RM2029
  • Apple iPad mini 3 (WiFi + Cellular, 128GB) ~ RM2349

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The Apple iPad mini 3 brings a gold colour option and Touch ID fingerprint scanner to the table

If you find these prices too high for your budget, you can always go for their previous generation versions. Apple Malaysia slashed the prices of both the iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 by about RM150 to RM300 around the same time the two new tablets were announced. Here's a short comparison between all the available iPad Mini models today, which can help you decide which one to get for the holiday season. Check out the full tech specifications and pricing at the Apple Malaysia Store.

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