Best mobile postpaid plans for those on a budget as of March 2023


A quarter of the year has passed and we're about to hit April. How was your 2023 so far? We've already posted our mobile prepaid list for this month, so check it out if you're looking for deals on mobile plans this month. There are some new options you might be interested in. In this article, we'll be listing the postpaid options instead.

Overall, not much has changed with the plans this month. But there are some numbers (like data cap) that have been tweaked and promos that have changed. As to the specifics, you'll have to see for yourself in the summary below. With that said, let's check out the best mobile prepaid plans for the budget-conscious as of March 2023 and see if there's anything new.


Best postpaid options under RM60

The prices for the under RM60/month range haven't changed this month, with only four options from different companies at the same prices. Of course, there are some promos in this category. Or rather, there's a Ramadan promo for the Digi Postpaid 60 plan. Now, it not only offers 10GB more data but also a free 5G booster, 20GB of bonus data for 12 months, and free add-ons.

The other plans remain unchanged, so there's nothing to say about them. But if you want the details, check the respective telco websites. In terms of recommendation, the U Postpaid 38 plan offers the best value of this bunch. But if you want a large dedicated data cap for wireless hotspot usage, go for the Yes Infinite Basic.

Digi Postpaid 60 (RM60/month) - 50GB 4G data, free 5G booster unlimited calls, RM0.10/SMS, bonus 20GB data for 12 months, extra Internet, unlimited social media/video streaming/gaming

U Mobile U Postpaid 38 (RM38/month) - 60GB 4G/5G data, unlimited calls, ultra hotspot 5G

Unifi Uni5G Postpaid 65 (RM55/month) - 60GB 4G/5G data, unlimited calls, 10GB wireless hotspot, no contract

Yes Infinite Basic (RM58/month) - Unlimited 4G/5G, uncapped speed, unlimited calls, 20GB wireless hotspot



Best postpaid options under RM100

As for the under RM100/month range, we're getting a few notable changes this month. Besides Digi's promo, some of the other local telcos also adjusted what's being offered in their plans. That's not unusual, as promos come and go all the time. Ramadan is also around the corner, so expect new promos in the coming weeks.

First, Celcom has dropped its free 1-month TVBAnywhere+ offer, so too bad for TVB fans. We've also added the Celcom MEGA Unlimited 98 to the list, in case there are readers who prefer unlimited data over limited high-speed data. For Digi, its Ramadan promo also applies to the Postpaid 90 plan. Finally, you will notice that U Mobile no longer offers a separate data cap for wireless hotspot. Instead, the hotspot data is now tied to its high-speed data cap. But that's not a bad thing since the U Postpaid 98 offers 1000GB of data.

U Mobile remains the best value option, as it offers a 1TB high-speed data cap. Moreover, this cap also includes wireless hotspot usage. While its 60GB counterpart would be spent quickly if you're not careful, the huge 1TB cap means you can stream more videos or music without worrying about running out.

For those who want higher speeds, Celcom plans are probably the options to go for. In the latest Global Mobile Network Experience Awards, the company was noted to have improved the most in Games Experience, Voice App Experience, Download Speed Experience and Upload Speed Experience.

Celcom MEGA Lightning 80 (RM80/month) - 50GB high-speed data, 1x VR content, 1-month Blacknut Cloud Gaming, unlimited calls, free 5G access (limited time)

Celcom MEGA Unlimited 98 (RM98/month) - Unlimited HD video/gaming/music, unlimited calls, 15GB wireless hotspot

Digi Postpaid 90 (RM75/month) - 60GB high-speed data, free 5G booster, unlimited calls, 300 free SMS, bonus 10GB data for 12 months, RM15 x 12-month rebate, extra Internet, unlimited social media/video streaming/gaming

Maxis Postpaid 98 (RM98/month) - 50GB high-speed data, unlimited calls, unlimited SMS, free access to Sooka, free 30-day Viu/iQiyi/WeTV/iFlix, 24-month RM20 rebate, unlimited data roaming (RM3.30/day)

U Mobile U Postpaid 98 (RM98/month) - 1000GB high-speed data (4G/5G), unlimited calls, ultra hotspot 5G, free incoming calls when abroad

Unifi Uni5G Postpaid 89 (RM89/month) - Unlimited 4G/5G data (FUP), unlimited calls, 10GB wireless hotspot, no contract, discounts for 5G phones

Yes Infinite Standard (RM88/month) - Unlimited 4G/5G, uncapped speed, unlimited calls, 50GB wireless hotspot

digi_postpaid90_mar2023.jpg maxis_postpaid98_mar2023.jpg


And that's it for this month! If you want a better idea of how the plans differ, you can check out our February 2023 summary. Remember that the monthly fees listed haven't taken add-ons and taxes into account. So if you're trying to keep your phone bill below RM100, we recommend going for the under RM60/month range. For more details, check the respective websites.

What do you think, do you hope to see telcos provide more options for postpaid users? Share your comments on our Facebook page and stay tuned to TechNave for next month's update on the best mobile postpaid plans.