Rumours: Apple to implement "3D Touch" like feature on the iPhone 7's home button?


While the rumours of Apple iPhone 7 are continuously piling up, one feature that not many sources have been talking is the home button. We did cover this topic two times before, surrounding rumours that it may be waterproof or touch-sensitive instead of a physical button. Now the latest news regarding the home button is that it might adopt a "3D Touch" home button, but how does that function?

Well for starters, for those familiar with the 3D Touch or the Press Touch by Huawei (such as the P9 Plus and Mate S), such feature on the home button can lessen the depress of our finger or thumb when placed on it. It is likely the feature would respond similarly to the Force Touch trackpad on most Apple MacBooks, so with this haptic function, the user will feel like pressing on the home button even though in reality, the button is not pressed. To add on to that, by removing the physical home button, it's not possible for water to enter into the device around the home button.

There's a "high possibility" that the rumour is fairly accurate according to Mac Otakara's report as they got the source from Strommedia, there's also the same speculation from DigiTime and analysts at Cowen and Company. If this rumour continues to be consistent, then we could actually see something innovative from Apple in one step closer to remove the physical home button for 2017 iPhone that marks the 10th anniversary.

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