Rumours: Samsung Galaxy S8 to have bezelless display?


More news of the upcoming Samsung flagship has appeared online. According to reports, the Samsung Galaxy S8 may be featuring a new display technology – one that give it edge-to-edge screen, something akin to the Xiaomi Mi Mix.

Thanks to a report from Bloomberg, the upcoming flagship smartphone from Samsung is said to feature a curved, wrap-around screen on the front, with a possible screen to body ratio of up to 90% (if not greater). We may be seeing screen sizes in both 5.1-inch and 5.7-inch variants with the upcoming flagship.

We have talked about the previous possible features of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 in our previous posts, linked below.

The news for the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is interesting, as right now only one company has a phone with the edge-to-edge screen – that is Xiaomi with the Mi Mix. Will this be the new feature to have on all flagship smartphones from here on? Stay tuned to TechNave as we bring more information on the Samsung Galaxy S8.


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