Rumours: The headphone jack is not gone yet on the OnePlus 5


Usually, CEOs are quiet on their social media but not Carl Pei, who’s the co-founder of OnePlus. In case you didn’t know, Carl Pei tends to interact with his followers on his Twitter account @getpeid and sometimes conversations can get humorous, or talking about smartphones before the release. In the case of OnePlus 5, one of his followers asked him “About where the headphone jack [of the OnePlus 5] went", then this happened:

Wait, what?

Prior to this post, we initially thought the OnePlus 5 won’t have any headphone jack thanks to the rumours and leaked designs. However with that kind of comment, it’d be easy to assume that the headphone jack is not entirely removed but rather being placed at a different side, such as the top which it happened with the OnePlus One and Two models. But then again, this happened… 

 Looks I gotta be more careful with my tweets... �

— Carl Pei (@getpeid) 22 May 2017

OnePlus 5 is their next upcoming flagship of this year, are you looking forward to it? And are you glad that the headphone jack is not “gone” yet? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for more OnePlus news at


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