Samsung Electronics presented new various product add-on at IFA 2017

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There were tons of news during the long weekend in Berlin, Germany, where the IFA 2017 event took place. Samsung Electronics made its appearance there and aside from revealing a bunch of new wearables, they were also there highlighting their focus on craftsmanship and connectivity of its products.

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As you already know, they manufactured 43-inch The Frame TV as an ideal fit design-led TV for the modern setting where it eliminates taking up spaces. Samsung announced that users can choose an expanded art collection thanks to the new partnership with Prado museum, acquiring 1000 art pieces that will be available in The Frame's Art Store. Samsung is also planning to expand the QLED TV line up to Europe and gaming monitors as well.

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On the other hand, the company has not forgotten the home appliance products. A new washing machine was introduced using QuickDrive technology, which cuts washing time by half with energy consumption by around 20%. There's also a new POWERstick Pro cordless vacuum cleaner and the Family Hub's new voice expansion to various languages such as British English, German, French, and Italian.

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