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  • Leaked renders hints that Apple could be releasing a new iPod Touch very soon

    Leaked renders hints that Apple could be releasing a new iPod Touch very soon

    Twitter user @SteveMoser recently posted a bunch of renders regarding the upcoming iPod Touch, which is expected to be unveiled somewhere around the end of 2021. While not much is known in regards to the Malaysia release date, it does give us a better idea of what to expect when it is available in the local market.

  • Apple iPod touch with AR capability is coming soon to Malaysia from RM899

    Apple iPod touch with AR capability is coming soon to Malaysia from RM899

    Just when you thought the Apple iPod was a thing of the past, Apple is actually bringing it back with new twist calling it the iPod touch with enhancements to the tech specs, features such as augmented reality, and a bunch of new colours. So what's new about the iPod touch? Let's find out.

  • Apple announces iOS 8

    Apple announces iOS 8

    Apple recently made several announcements at this year's WWDC 2014 and one of the biggest was that of iOS 8, the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system. Powering your Apple iPhones and iPads, iOS 8 brings a number of innovations to the fore including an improved Health hub app, a more useful Siri, notifications that you can take action on and widgets. Other notable features include the addition of a new predictive and learning QuickType keyboard along with support for third-party keyboards so you can eventually download SwiftKey or other onscreen keyboards if you don't like the new QuickType. Other new features of note include Family Sharing where you can share media with family, better integration with iCloud Drive for more storage on the Internet and Spotlight which works like a combination of the search on Windows 8 and Google Now. Improved Maps and other features round off the new additions.

  • Apple Malaysia to hold special online Red Friday sale on 10 January 2014

    Apple Malaysia to hold special online Red Friday sale on 10 January 2014

    The Apple Malaysia store will be holding a special Red Friday one-day shopping event on 10 January 2014 (this Friday). So far Apple hasn't said what discounts are available or how much but they have said that purchases over RM250 will get free shipping. The one-day sale should start as the clock ticks over to 12.01am at midnight on Thursday. You can however expect 2 things, 1) things will go fast, so if you have the opportunity (and more importantly money) then get it quick, and 2) expect the Apple Malaysia store to get slow as users flood the site. We're guessing the Apple iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina Display, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, Apple TV, iPod nano, iPod Touch, Macbook Air, iMac and MacBook Pro will be the ones to get the discounts as the links for these products have been changed to red just like the text of the advertisement. Accessories that may get the same treatment include those for the iPhone 5S, iPad mini and iPad Air.

  • Apple iOS 7 Device and Features chart

    Apple iOS 7 Device and Features chart

    Apple's iOS 7 operating system has finally become downloadable for everyone with a compatible Apple device. The full list of Apple devices capable of downloading the iOS 7 update include the Apple iPod Touch, iPhone 4iPhone 4S,iPhone 5iPad 2, iPad with Retina display (iPad 3 and iPad 4) and iPad mini. However, some devices will get certain features while some others will not. To check what features you'll be getting with your device, check out our device and features chart below. As always when updating something as big as an operating system, always remember to backup all your important data on the device and make sure you have enough space to download and install everything (in this case 3GB of free space is the recommended amount). Make sure you also have a fast connection and a full battery, just in case.

  • Final Apple iOS 7 due on 18 September 2013

    Final Apple iOS 7 due on 18 September 2013

    Apple's iOS 7 operating system has been undergoing beta testing for quite some time now. As the Apple OS which will bring multi-tasking and a whole bunch of other updates to Apple users, it is no wonder that many are waiting for it to arrive. In light of that, Apple have announced that the final version of iOS 7 will be released on 18 September 2013. Apart from the aforementioned multi-tasking you can also get other features like new ringtones, different voices for Siri and the fact that it has been optimized for a 64-bit architecture. In addition to this, the entire iWork suite of productivity apps is now free for new Apple devices, which is the equivalent of Microsoft adding on a free Office for every Windows 8 tablet. Apart from the new iPhones, the iOS 7 update will also be made available to the iPhone 4S, iPad miniiPad 3iPad 4 and 5th gen iPod Touch. For more information check out the Apple iOS site.

  • Apple Patent: Safety Tech so that Device Always Lands on Back

    Apple Patent: Safety Tech so that Device Always Lands on Back

    Apple has always been about patents but this is probably one of the more useful sounding ones so far. Instead of a patent for a rounded edges, this patent is about a "Protective Mechanism for an Electronic Device" that allows an electronic device to shift the weight of a falling device in such a way that it would always fall on it's back. This means if your smartphone had this feature and it fell, you wouldn't have to deal with a cracked screen (Corning Gorilla Glass still cracks due to falls).

    The way it works is that when the device is falling the phone detects free fall using position sensors, imaging sensors and accelerometers. Then it sends a signal to the protective mechanism, allowing it to land on the strongest part of the chassis (usually the back part), minimizing the possibility of cracks or damage to the device and the screen of the device.

  • Transcend Wi-Fi Memory Card

    Transcend Reveal New Wi-Fi Memory Card:

    Transcend has released a new Wi-Fi SD memory card that allows for wireless transfer of images from your SDHC-compatible digital camera. Trancend's memory card works in either a direct share mode to a mobile device or in Internet mode using a free app for iOS or Android devices.