OnePlus 5 destroys in AnTuTu! Could we be wrong about the camera?


Renowned ‘Flagship Killer’ manufacturers OnePlus are really living up to their title. Their upcoming flagship killer device, the OnePlus 5 has made an appearance on the benchmarking platform AnTuTu along with confirmation on its apparent specs under the model number of A5000.


The apparent flagship killer device has scored a benchmark of 176000 which is better than the scores of both the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Xiaomi Mi 6 flagships. No doubt with a lower price tag as well. A very impressive feat indeed.

Based on the AnTuTu page, the specs are actually quite consistent with our previous leak coverage except for the additional Adreno 540 GPU. With all that in the picture, this phone is going to be an absolute beast of a flagship killer, no doubt about that.


On top of all that, there have been some leaks of yet another render of the OnePlus 5. It can be seen from the image that instead of the vertical camera setup that we have seen so far, the OnePlus 5 could have a horizontal dual camera setup.

Now there is no way of knowing that this is the OnePlus 5 or yet another future OnePlus model that will make its debut along with the flagship.  Only time will tell but one thing for sure is, the future is very exciting for all OnePlus fans.  The Malaysian price is speculated to be around RM1900 but we just have to be patient for the big reveal around the end of June 2017 with the Malaysian release probably soon after. Fingers crossed all the way!

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