Top 5 tech trends to expect at CES 2024


It's 2024 and CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is just around the corner. The event will be held from 9 to 12 January this year, ready to unveil a plethora of new tech. Some are new models of existing products, while others are advances in cutting-edge technology. But what exactly will we see in CES 2024? Here's an overview of the 5 tech trends we expect to see.


Artificial intelligence

The big buzzword in 2023 is AI (artificial intelligence); specifically generative AI. That will probably continue in 2024 in more ways than one. One area we'll see AI in is mobile devices. For instance, Samsung is set to announce its Galaxy AI sometime later this month. You can check some of the details in our two previous articles.


Image from IBM

Another area you'll see AI applied to is more apps. Besides voice assistants, which have been around for years, there will be more mobile apps powered by AI. An example of this would be the mobile version of ChatGPT. We can also expect to see more AI-powered online platforms (essentially cloud-based AI) and AI in some smart appliances.



The next one is probably the metaverse, something companies have been exploring for the last 2-3 years. Metaverse is the concept of allowing 'explore' virtual worlds for different activities. This includes virtual meetings, gatherings, gaming, and more. There will even be ones focused on education, like the one CelcomDigi and VIRNECT are developing.


Image from Meta

In this area, we might not see specific products that make it within reach of the masses. If there were, it would be in the form of new AR/VR/XR glasses. There might also be announcements on specific services offering access to a metaverse (like Meta's Horizon World). If nothing else, we can expect some key notes discussing advances in metaverse and its application.


AR/XR tech

A category of products that helps with accessing the metaverse (among other things) would be AR/XR glasses. This one is straightforward enough, as they're physical electronics. An example would be the Apple Vision Pro or the Meta Quest 3. We might see advancements in this area, resulting in the unveiling of new headsets.


Image from Vive

An important issue these companies could address is the cost of such devices. AR/VR headsets tend to be expensive, so not many are interested in them. However, that could change if companies offer cheaper alternatives at CES 2024. Mind you, we can't guarantee that any 'cheap' headsets will appear at the event.


Display tech

Speaking of headsets, the one tech category we can guarantee will show up at CES is display tech. It's almost a tradition at this point to see new TVs, monitors, and experimental screens from the big tech companies. In this category, we can definitely expect to see some new products.


Samsung's Flex Hybrid display

Expect to see some new OLED monitors and TVs from Samsung and LG, as well as new models of foldable or curved displays. For example, a new model of Samsung's Flex Hybrid display from CES 2023. There might also be special displays like the transparent OLED display that LG showed off at CES 2022.


EV-related tech

Finally, a tech that we're sure will show up at CES 2024 is EV. With global warming a concern, replacing regular cars with electric vehicles has become a method to reduce the global carbon footprint. As such, we will most likely see different tech related to EVs at this year's CES.


Mobile charger from Portable Electric

Besides electric vehicles, there could be new reveals on battery tech, which is a key part of an EV. Improving the batteries used in EVs is crucial in the push for EVs to be widely adopted. This would involve new materials for batteries, increasing battery density, or even making production much cheaper. In particular, the latter could make EVs more affordable. There may also be reveals of other new EV-related, such as mobile chargers.


Anyway, the five mentioned above are just some of the tech we expect to see. However, you will probably see way more tech at CES 2024. What else do you think will show up at this year's events, and what tech are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned to TechNave for more CES 2024 articles.