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  • U Mobile partners with ZTE to build first 5G network in Malaysia

    U Mobile partners with ZTE to build first 5G network in Malaysia

    U Mobile recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ZTE Corporation to drive the development of pre-5G and future implementation of 5G mobile network technologies here in Malaysia. While it will likely be a while yet till 5G actually gets implemented, pre-5G tech could get implemented first and even then pre-5G can offer speeds of up to 10x the current 4G LTE networks. When it does come in though, 5G networks are expected to hit peak download speeds of up to 20Gbps (LTE-A is currently 1Gbps). No specific dates when we might see pre-5G or 5G networks in U Mobile yet but here's what they had to say about it:

    “U Mobile is constantly exploring new technology that will provide best in class users experience to our customers. We see 5G technology as the technology that would support the ever increasing communication needs of the future. The collaboration with ZTE will also support our government’s vision of being a Smart Digital Nation by 2020.” Too Tian Jen, Chief Technology Officer, U Mobile Sdn Bhd

    “ZTE is delighted to work on 5G technologies with U Mobile, the leader in network innovations in Malaysia. ZTE is making major investments in 5G to lead the industry in the research and standardization of this key technology of the future” Steven Ge, Managing Director of ZTE Malaysia

  • DirectD Gadget Mega Store grand opening

    DirectD Gadget Mega Store grand opening

    DirectD is one of the better known third-party mobile device sellers and retailers in Malaysia. This is due to their often lower than average prices and early (before official release) inventory of the latest smartphones, tablets, mobile devices and more. Recently, they held the grand opening for their latest DirectD Gadget Mega Store here in Petaling Jaya. Featuring 18000 square feet and lots of nearby parking space, DirectD say that they have the largest mobile phone shop in Malaysia yet. While there are more than 300 smartphones and tablets and 1000 or so accessories available at a time, the store also has the latest devices on display, a dedicated service center with comfortable waiting area and telco center for both new subscribers and bill payment. These telcos include DiGi, Maxis, U Mobile and YES with plans to add more soon. In addition, free WiFi is available throughout the store. Individual buyers can also opt to pay via installment plan or credit card while wholesale buyers are also welcome with no minimum order required. The DirectD Gadget Mega Store will be open from 9.00am to 9.30pm everyday. Here are some of the highlights and promotions available;

    • located at Lot 11, Jln 51A/219, PJ (next to Mazda service Centre, same row with Avon and Hong Leong bank, along side Federal Highway)
    • a snap post & win contest!
    • the first 50 or so customers were able to buy a power bank at just RM1 or phone at RM10 or bid for a smartphone starting from RM10!
    • those who came could also buy 1 and get free 1 original Lumia 530 smartphone
    • "I am a member" membership program with redemption prizes and other benefits
    • "I am a dealer" dealership program 
  • U Mobile reveals new #GetClever mobile Internet plans

    U Mobile reveals new #GetClever mobile Internet plans

    U Mobile recently showed off their new #GetClever prepaid and postpaid plans specifically for mobile Internet. These include new Unlimited Mobile Internet (UMI) or UMI 20, UMI 30 and UMI 50 for prepaid plans along with new Unlimited P50 and P70 for postpaid plans. The addition sees the removal of the UMI 18 plan but the UMI 20 plan doubles the data quota to 500MB from 250MB, an increase which can be seen for all of the new plans. The old UMI 38 prepaid plan and U28 post-paid plan remains the same though. In addition, you can also accumulate unused free calls. Check out the pictures below for more details or go to the U Mobile site for more information.

  • U Mobile hits Vision2million goal, offers free calls and internet for 18 December 2014

    U Mobile hits Vision2million goal, offers free calls and internet for 18 December 2014

    U Mobile has just achieved its target of 2 million new subscribers under its Vision2million campaign. The carrier had kicked off this ambitious campaign back in September and promised to give out freebies like free on-network calls and Internet surfing if it achieved the goal by the year end. The campaign was announced just after the carrier said that it would expand into 2000 new 3G and 4G LTE sites by 2015. The company had initially planned to offer these freebies on the New Year's Day. However as it reached the goal early, U Mobile is offering free calls and Internet surfing on 18 December 2014. The freebies start at 12AM and end at 11:59PM on the above date. The free calls are only applicable when made on the same network while Internet surfing has no restrictions. This offer is applicable to all active prepaid, postpaid and broadband customers of U Mobile. The company has a comprehensive list of FAQs on their website specifically regarding this Vision2million promotion. Head over to their website for more details.

  • Opinion: Are Malaysia's Mobile Telcos moving in the right direction?

    Opinion: Are Malaysia's Mobile Telcos moving in the right direction?

    Malaysia is known for many things in the IT world. We are ranked number 5 for taking selfies in the world. We are on Facebook and social media a lot more than most people in other countries within the region. While we have not yet reached the same level as countries like South Korea, our smartphone and mobile telecommunications or telco industry is definitely on the rise. And while many of us won't admit it, a lot of our online actions and reactions rely on how the various Mobile Telcos of Malaysia are moving. So here at, we'd like to stop for a minute and see where we are, what packages and plans are available and how we as the common everyday user should react to the wave of new telco plans, packages and deals? Are Malaysia's Mobile Telcos moving in the right direction? What would be the most ideal mobile telco plan in Malaysia? Read our analysis as everyday Malaysian users to the everyday user in Malaysia to find out.