Is Samsung making a new yellow-blue Galaxy Note 9 model?


With Samsung #Unpacked 2018 event on the way on 9 August 2018, you might have noticed that the teaser image by the company shows a yellow device. Obviously, the Galaxy Note 9 will probably come in a new yellow skin and the giant South Korean tech has released another video highlighting the S-Pen in that colour as well.

So how does it look like in yellow? Well, someone at had the time to sketch out and render an entire Galaxy Note 9 so it's not really official. But still, the complete render concept does give a strange look. In fact, it's probably not gonna be yellow but rather gold instead, with a touch of a premium feel and brassy. Also, we also noticed that the S-Pen's clicker is blue in colour, which is the same blue background in the video.

Taking that into consideration, it's quite possible that Samsung is preparing a new colour combo model - gold on the front and back wrapping around the blue frame. Since the S-Pen's clicker always matches the colour of the phone's frame, here's another concept render that they made to give us a "preview".


Anyway, this is just speculation but what do you think of the new colour combo? Yay or nay? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for more Samsung news at

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