Opinion: Will the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S-Pen be more than a stylus?


Recently, leaks about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 have appeared saying that the S-Pen Stylus would offer a whole bunch of new features including as a remote control for your camera shutter along with music playback. Set for an unveiling at Samsung Unpacked on 9 August 2018, the new S-Pen is also rumoured to have a feature "unrelated to the pen" indicating that it could do more than what a normal smartphone stylus would be able to do.

Currently, some rumours say that this could be as a wireless Bluetooth speaker, but that would require the S-Pen to be a lot bigger than it currently is, unless Samsung are ok with tinny sound that could cheapen the overall Galaxy Note 9 experience. While Samsung could have come out with a new, more compact speaker system, we're guessing that the new Galaxy Note 9 S-Pen could have a built-in headset so you could answer calls directly without having to access the phone or slide the S-Pen back in to the phone as this tech is relatively smaller than a speaker.

Another possibility is that the new S-Pen could have a built-in laser pointer, or that it has a built-in presentation clicker function, so you could perhaps hook up the Galaxy Note 9 to a projector and start a presentation using the new S-Pen as your remote control for the next slide. While no other tech specs are forthcoming, we expect the dual curved edge Infinity Design screen and dual rear cameras of the Galaxy S9+ to make a come back in the Galaxy Note 9.

Please be aware that these are just our opinions based on unconfirmed rumours but what do you think this new S-Pen feature could be? Discuss in our Facebook page and stay tuned to TechNave.com.

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