Samsung Malaysia says no price changes on their products!

All Samsung Prices Remain the Same cover.jpg

In this super short announcement by Samsung Malaysia, the company is proud to announce that all their smartphones, tablets, accessories and other products' prices will remain unchanged! With this, they are now the third smartphone brand to do so after vivo first then followed by OPPO, which is definitely sweet music to Malaysians.

The Sales and Service Tax has already taken effect in various business sectors and we are wondering if other smartphone brands will also follow suit. Anyway, that said, if you're still eyeing the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you can have a breather now since SST is exempted, the 128GB model is still RM3699 or if you want the bigger one at 512GB, it's still RM4599! You can take a read at our review here for reference.

All Samsung Prices Remain the Same!.jpg

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